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Meet Emma, a scary vision of the future without ergonomic office products!


Introducing Fellowes latest campaign, ‘Emma’. Branded as the office work colleague of the future, her striking image and ‘creepy’ appearance has created a media frenzy and she even recently made an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show. Emma is a representation of what could be in store for office workers who have not yet dabbled in the world of Ergonomic products.

So Who is Emma & how will she help your office environment?

Emma is a projection of Fellowes vision to show the future of Office Workers who are subject to shabby working environments. Emma reflects the issues of the current workstation and how office workers bodies could physically change. This being a result of their 9 to 5’s, if ergonomic products are not introduced.

Emma corresponds with Studies that have shown that workers spend 67 days a year sitting at their desk. Eight in Ten office workers spend between four and nine hours a day at their desk. Furthermore, this equates to around 67 days working sedentary.

Her office related ailments are alarming!

She sports a permanently hunched back from bad posture and unsupportive office chairs, Varicose veins from poor blood circulation, and dry and red eyes as a result of sitting in front of a computer for hours.

This is an alarming yet real statistic which backs Fellowes campaign to improve the set up and work space of the everyday office worker.

Fellowes commissioned Behavioural Futurist, William Higham to look into Office Ergonomics

Fellowes worked alongside Behavioural Futurist, William Higham and a range of experts in ergonomics and well being at work, to investigate the effects work space environments are having on office workers. 

William Higham, author of the report said:

The Work Colleague of the Future report shows that Unless we make radical changes to our working lives, such as moving more, addressing our posture at our desks, taking regular walking breaks or considering improving our workstation setup, our offices are going to make us very sick”.

Following this, Fellowes commissioned research to take place which asked 3003 individuals from Germany, The UK, and France, a number of office comfortability based questions, results of the study included:

  • Nine in ten British office workers are suffering from poor health due to their work environment. As a result, are finding their job more difficult.
  • Office workers are already suffering from strained eyes (50%), sore backs (49%) and headaches (48%) as a direct result of their workspace.
  • Seven in ten workers are resorting to medication to manage these issues.
  • Bosses are not doing enough to prevent workplace health issues. More than 25% employees have asked for their workstations to be improved and are still waiting for a resolution.

Off the back of this study, Fellowes commissioned Emma with the help of Helix 3D who designed her model, to create this very powerful campaign.

Ergonomic Products and how to improve your workstation..

Ergonomics Products are the introduction of comfortability in the office or home setting, making your workspace a more comfortable place can be a necessity in reducing the opportunity of gaining ailments like Emma’s.

Ergonomic Chairs

The most obvious example of this is the ergonomic chair which has become a basic requirement in work spaces, and for good reason. They are designed to:

  • Support and reduce stress to the neck, spine, and hips
  • Enable the user to stay upright while working
  • Promote and support good posture while sitting

Ergonomic chairs allow seat height adjustment, lockable dynamic tilt, and height adjustable armrests.  This functionality is to accommodate individual differences in height, arm and leg lengths. Similarly adjustability is key to suit a range of all body shapes and sizes.

Ergonomic Office Chair
An Ergonomic Office set up

The office chair is just one example of the Ergonomic products on the market today, and others available for home and office use include:

Other Ergonomic Products for the Office

  • Laptop risers and supports
  • Keyboards, mice and trackballs
  • Arm and wrist supports for laptops and desktop computers
  • Headsets
  • Document holders and writing slopes
  • Foot rests, switches, supports and rockers
  • Posture aids including back and lumbar supports

Fellowes as a brand sells many products to help productivity and well being in the modern office. Click here for more information on Fellowes and their range of ergonomic products.

Emma creates a media frenzy and even appears on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Fellowes Model, Emma, has created headlines among many news outlets, resulting in a media frenzy also being referred to as a “grotesque model of how office workers could look in 20 years’ time” by the DailyMail.

Stemming from the success, the model has been trending on social media where she was recently featured on Jonathan Ross’ twitter page after the two of them met on his prime time show! Emma has brought Ergonomics to the forefront of modern media.

Emma has created a huge media impact for Fellowes, her aim being to highlight a range of Fellowes products for the Ergonomic market that tackle all the problems and ailments that have inflicted poor Emma over the years.

Emma meets Jonathan Ross
Emma’s appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show

Finally, the question is, do you believe Emma is an accurate representation of the office worker of the future?