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Philips are excited to announce a brand-new range of their VoiceTracer Audio Recorders.


In the last two years, Philips have been analysing future trends and customer feedback to create a totally new and innovative range. Today they are very happy to tell us that they will launch a range with a new design, more intuitive user interface and for the first time in history a dedicated smartphone app for VoiceTracer recorders.

New Philips Voice Tracers

The new devices provide the best settings for specific activities such as distant recording, meetings, music and many more. In addition to that a completely new bundle called Video will be available as a perfect audio capturing device for all users creating videos, such as bloggers, influencers and trainers.

New Philips Digital Voice Tracer Family

The new range will include also a speech recognition software that can be used to top up all VoiceTracer devices with speech recognition. The new devices have been designed to capture audio in outstanding definition and stunning clarity. Whether it’s music or voice, close or far, the superior microphones provide the best audio in class. Various filters and sound settings allow you to capture audio in every situation. And if you don’t like to care about settings, you can use one of the 6 audio scenes that adjust the recorder’s audio settings depending on what you want to record, whether it is notes, audio for speech recognition, interviews, lectures, music or meetings.

The user interface has been completely redesigned to offer you the best user experience. Philips have improved the menu structure to for easy navigation. Furthermore, they have modernised the design with new icons and colours. The new VoiceTracer offers now a playlist and various filtering options. In addition to the new hardware and user interface Philips will also launch a new app called VoiceTracer, that will be available for both iOS and Android phones. The app allows you to remotely control the recording on the device and share the recordings with others. For example, you can capture a meeting with your recorder and share it with your colleagues instantly via the app – You can send a meeting note by email, archive the latest lecture in your Dropbox, or upload your own music to social media. For more information, refer to the next chapters and if you should have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact your local Speech Processing Solutions Support.

We’ve worked with professionals to design the new devices. The main goal was to celebrate audio. Philips especially emphasised microphones and tried to create a modern and consistent design. Let us go through of some of the highlights.

A Design To Celebrate!

Metallic and robust mic housing

There are up to three mics available in the new devices. The outer mics are omni-directional mics that are used to record stereo sound and offer the best 360° capturing. The microphone in the middle is a uni-directional one that is used to zoom into one special direction and minimizing the noise around. You can use that mic especially if you want to focus on one dedicated audio source. The mics are covered in a metallic robust housing to protect them against damage.

Bright & big recording light

The recording light indicates the status that the device is in. It allows you to easily recognise if you are currently recording or not – Even if you have placed the device on the desk.

Metallic navigation pane and smart function keys

We have implemented three smart buttons that offer you the available options depending on the state and screen you currently are. The functions are displayed by icons on the screen. The navigation pane includes the prominent recording button to start the recording quickly whenever you want.

The new back button / Playlist

A dedicated back button allow you to navigate backwards in the menu to make life easier. You can use this button to access the playlist. The playlist can be filtered in various ways.

Bigger coloured screen & new UI for the best UX

The screen just got bigger compared to the previous range. The 2 inch screen offers various colored screens to indicate clearly which state you are in. All the relevant information is displayed prominently. We have redesigned the user interface completely from scratch. The self explaining icons and new navigation menu shall provide the best user experience.

Metallic tripod thread for stability during recording

A lot of users asked for an easy option to use the VoiceTracer for video recording to capture the best audio quality for their videos. To fulfill this need we have implemented a metallic thread on the rear side of the devices. That helps you to easily mount the recorder to your video camera’s tripod. The earphones jack can be used to feed the audio to the camera.

To provide the best recording quality, we designed and implemented new hardware. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

Superior Audio

High-fidelity microphones

Several key components are needed to record sound as naturally as possible in studio-like audio quality: high signal-to noise ratio, highly dynamic microphones to capture soft tones as well as loud drums, a high-quality microphone suspension to avoid pickup of grip noise, a strong left and right channel separation for human ear live-like effect. The high-quality microphones deliver crystal-clear sound quality. Their higher recording sensitivity captures more signal without compromising on sound quality.

MP3 and PCM recording

Capture your recordings in stereo MP3 and PCM format. The popular MP3 file format allows you to play back your files virtually anywhere and simply share them with others. The PCM (WAV) format allows stereo recording of lossless, uncompressed sound in CD-like audio quality.

24bit / 96 kHz quality recording

The VoiceTracer captures audio in spectacular 24 bit/96 kHz. This uncompressed recording makes sure you capture every beat in the most natural and crisp audio quality possible.

Dedicated App

We’ve learned from many smartphone users that they would like to share or archive the recordings they created with their VoiceTracer devices. Of course the VoiceTracer devices can be connected to a computer via USB and the recordings can be processed on the computer directly, but in most cases the users are on-the-go or do not have access to their computers – But nearly everyone has a smartphone available which allows an easy sharing – Especially because the 3rd party apps are also available on the mobile. There are several use cases that can be satisfied:

  • Archiving recordings on online storage e.g. Dropbox
  • Send recorded lectures to colleagues by email
  • Share recorded music on social media

That’s why we have decided to equip the new VoiceTracer devices with Wifi modules to create a seamless connection to smartphones. To enable that connection the app VoiceTracer will be made available on both platforms Google Play (for Android devices) and App Store (for Apple iOS iPhones). The new app has a intuitive user interface and offers several functions:

  • Remote control the VoiceTracer to start stop recording
  • Download the recordings from the VoiceTracer to the smartphone#
  • Share the recordings via various 3rd party apps
  • Remotely manage the list of all recordings on your VoiceTracer.

Easy sharing

Transfer your recordings straight from your Philips VoiceTracer to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and instantly share them with friends and family using the convenient Philips VoiceTracer app. No need to attach the recorder to your PC using a cable anymore to transfer and share files.

Remote control

Control your audio recorder using your smartphone, even from a distance. The Philips VoiceTracer app makes recording events such as lectures much easier and more convenient. You can place your recorder in the front of the room near the speaker, take a seat at the back, and still control recording comfortably and without interrupting the lecture. The Philips VoiceTracer app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Accurate Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is a function that automatically transforms the recorded speech to text. This is a much more efficient way to create notes, protocols or minutes than typing them manually. As this segment grows continuously we have adapted our approach on this offering two ways to make use of the speech recognition power:

1. DVT2810: This bundle contains a VoiceTracer and the Dragon speech recognition software license allowing you to start immediately.

2. DVT2805: If you prefer using another VoiceTracer you can top up any of the new VoiceTracer devices with the DVT2805. This is basically a Dragon speech recognition software license that needs to be purchased separately.

Speech recognition software

Put an end to tedious typing and create text documents directly from recorded audio files. The speech recognition software automatically converts your recordings into a text file.

Automatic transcription

Using the speech recognition software is at least three times quicker than typing up the document yourself. Simply record your documents and notes, connect the recorder to the computer, click the ‘Transcribe’ button and the software does the typing for you.

Exceptional accuracy

The speech recognition software provides an astounding accuracy rate of up to 99 %. It also never misspells a word, so typos are a thing of the past.

A software which learns

The smart algorithm learns from corrections you make to the transcribed text. This means the more you use the software, the more accurate your results become. The software also memorises patterns, and commonly grouped words when you speak, to predict which words are most likely to occur. This acts as an extra boost to your speech recognition accuracy.

Smart Functions

Audio scenes

The Philips VoiceTracer comes with preset scenes which automatically adjust the recorder’s audio settings depending on what you want to record, whether it is notes, audio for speech recognition, interviews, lectures, music or meetings.

Uninterrupted recording

One of the main advantages of using an audio recorder instead of a smartphone for capturing audio, is that you can record for even extended periods of time without being interrupted by any incoming text messages or calls. It also means your smartphone is not blocked during this time and you can use it simultaneously.

Voice-activated recording

Voice-activated recording is a convenient feature for hands free recording. When enabled, recording will start automatically when you begin speaking. Recording pauses when you stop and resumes automatically when you begin speaking again.

Various smart functions

Smart recording functions make it even easier to achieve stunning audio results. The pre-recording and timer functions make sure you don’t miss a single bit.

Recordings can be edited by overwriting a part or adding a new recording at the end. Long recordings can be split automatically or manually into separate files for easier editing or sharing.

Smart playback functions, such as bookmarks and filters, also make it easier and quicker to find the recording you are looking for.

Neat and precise Hardware

Large colour display & Big recording LED

The large 2 inch colour display offers sharp images, making it easier to see and read everything at first glance. The clear user interface supports seven languages and is optimised for easy, intuitive operation. The recording light placed above the display shows you whether the device is recording or playing back.

Extra long battery life

The high-Li-ion polymer battery can be easily charged through a standard USB C jack. This guarantees extended battery life for extra-long recording up to 36 hours, ensuring that your recorder will always be ready to work when you are.

8 GB internal memory

Capture and store up to 88 days of continuous recording thanks to the 8 GB of internal memory. A microSD memory card slot for up to 32 GB of additional memory guarantees virtually unlimited recording capacity (available with DVT4110, DVT6110, DVT7110, DVT8110)

Tripod mount

The integrated tripod thread allows mounting the recorder onto a tripod or camera to capture even clearer sound in an optimal and stable position.

New Bundle VIDEO

Professional video cameras are capable taking videos in good quality but lack when it comes to capturing good audio. The internal mics of a camera are just not build for that use case. That is why a lot of users requested a VoiceTracer that can be easily used as an audio source for their Videos. Especially video bloggers (so called vloggers) and users creating e.g. social media videos approached us. This is the reason why we introduce the new activity approach called Video. To make the user’s life easier we have implemented hardware and firmware functions:

  • As described in the previous chapters the VoiceTracer recorders are equipped with a tripod thread that can be used to easily install the VoiceTracer to a tripod mount.
  • We have implemented a new scene called Video that captures audio with the Voice Tracer microphones and streams it to the earphone jack.
  • Furthermore, we created a bundle called Video that includes everything for you to attaching your VoiceTracer to your camera immediately. The DVT7110 contains following accessories:

Wind protection

The included artificial fur greatly improves audio quality when recording outdoors. The sound absorbing fuzzy fabric fits snugly on the microphone and reduces unwanted wind and surrounding noises.

Shoe mount adaptor

Use this adaptor to mount the VoiceTracer to the hot shoe of the camera.

Line in cable

To forward the sound captured by the VoiceTracer to the camera.

Sustainable & Green Packaging