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A world first from Colop with this innovative e-mark® stamp


Birmingham based rubber stamp manufacturers COLOP UK Ltd. launched the e-mark® printing stamp to the UK market at the Stationery Show in London on 30th April 2019. The e-mark printing stamp is an innovation in technology and is set to be an exciting revolutionary new product to add to the Colop portfolio.

The Spirit of Innovation’

Manufactured by COLOP Digital GmbH in Wels, Austria, the e-mark® was unveiled to the public at Paperworld in Frankfurt earlier this year where it received a lot of positive interest.

“With the innovative product ‘e-mark’, a milestone has been set in the stamp sector, and the final step in the digitalisation process will have been taken”, states COLOP CEO Ernst Faber emphatically.

Global innovation from Upper Austria

The new e-mark constitutes a milestone in the further development of stamp products. The e-mark printing stamp is an innovation in technology and follows a development process lasting several years. Thee-mark and and its software are now ready for volume production. The e-mark® opens numerous new application options and is therefore of very great interest for trade, industry, commercial users as well as private end users. The e-mark® has the potential to introduce a new era in the field of marking technology.

So what is the e-mark®?

The e-mark® is a mobile (battery-operated) electronic marking device based on inkjet technology that functions in combination with an app. It is possible to apply imprints on a vast array of different materials with a simple sideways movement. With an app developed by COLOP for smartphones or tablets and/or a software for PCs, unlimited impressions can be designed. It also includes pre-designed templates and can offer a range of special functions. A very wide range of texts or images such as company logos or photos can be stamped in full colour. Date, time or numbering functions are also included, e.g. in the form of a barcode or QR code generator together with many more features. These impressions can be applied to any absorbent substrate such as paper, books, cartons, serviettes, paper bags and even to wood. Smooth surfaces such as glass or metal can also be stamped, but only after being subjected to an appropriate form of pre-treatment.

Together with the COLOP e-mark®, labels can be marked very simply, even on non- absorbent materials. “This makes the e-mark® a perfect organisational and office tool while also opening up a vast array of other options associated with customisation”, states Ernst Faber.

The e-mark® – together with the app developed by COLOP – offers a versatile range of the latest application options. The e-mark® application programmed by COLOP’s software specialists in Wels can be downloaded to smartphones or tablets free of charge from the Apple APP Store or from the Google Play Store (making it suitable for devices running either the iOS or the Android operating system). Of course, there will also be a PC solution for use in the office. This app can be used to design, amend and store impressions very rapidly.

Data is transmitted to the e-mark via wireless WLAN, and can then be printed immediately. In contrast to conventional stamps, a single impression can measure up to 150 mm in length. A special function then enables it to be repeated any desired number of times with a simple sideways movement. Currently, the only limitation is the height of a row, measuring almost 14 mm. However, several rows with different contents can be printed one below the other.

“In the first pre-presentations, the new product received an enthusiastic welcome and we, as an innovative company, naturally protected this competitive advantage with international patents”, states Ernst Faber.

Will the e-mark® replace traditional stamps in the future?

Despite the wide range of new advantages and functions that the e-mark offers, it will never replace traditional stamps. Instead, this innovation is an important addition to COLOP’s core range of products. The company rationale behind this product launch is to strengthen and to build upon its existing position on the market. Cooperation with Hewlett Packard SPS
Development of the e-mark® has also given rise to a cooperation arrangement with Hewlett Packard SPS (HP Speciality Printing System). SPS facilitates printing innovations based on HP technology.

“We are very excited to see COLOP’s e-mark® product come to market leveraging HP inkjet technology, which is perfectly suited for this marking device. This application of HP technology in digital marking provides COLOP’s partners and customers a wide range of capabilities not offered by static stamps,“ added Annette Friskopp, General Manager of HP Specialty Printing Systems.

COLOP enters the trendy creative, gift and hobby sector

Channel info recently reported that COLOP has recently acquired the Arts & Crafts division of the Belgian-Dutch company RoyalPosthumus. With this move, COLOP enters the trendy creative, gift and hobby sector. COLOP Arts & Crafts becomes one of more than 15 affiliated companies within the COLOP Group.

UK launch of the e-mark®

Following the successful unveiling at Paperworld, COLOP officially launched the e-mark® for the UK market at the Stationery Show in London on 30th April and 1st May 2019 ‘“My COLOP UK team and I were delighted to be part of COLOP’s landmark and revolutionary product launch in Paperworld. This is much more than a step change in our traditional sector. e-mark® heralds a New Era offering much needed market stimulation and a great recurring profit opportunity for all in the supply chain. The UK launch at The Stationery Show in London. We are extremely proud to be part of the COLOP family, living and breathing our mantra : ‘The Spirit of Innovation’.” adds Managing Director,
Kiran Mistry MBA,

Further information at: www.e-mark.co.uk

If you have any innovative ideas, suggestions or uses for the e-mark, please leave your comments below.