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The shredding app designed to save administrators time


The world’s first app-connected shredders instantly alert you to completed shredding tasks and to maintenance needs, saving you time, money and resources!

The Auto+ SmarTech shredders from Rexel give managers and administrators a comprehensive, real time status for multiple shredders. This invaluable overview, delivered direct to smartphones, means that they have instant visibility of their fleet of shredders. SmarTech shredder connectivity ensures that any maintenance need is picked up immediately, helping to guarantee a seamless shredding performance across the organisation.

Real time notifications

Rexel Auto+ SmarTech shredders give managers real time shredder status notifications – so you can keep your business running. 

Protect your valuable time by only visiting a paper shredder when you need to.  Employee shredding patterns vary day to data and month and month.  Thanks to Auto+ SmarTech notifications you’ll only be notified when you need to be alerted to something. Otherwise you can continue to focus on other important tasks